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  • LA's Finest 
  • The Mercenaries
  • Tone spliff
  • fatlip

Top Nation Records Artist

David Mnemonic

David Mnemonic is set to release his New 10th studio album! The new album "The Truth" is set to guest feature Fatlip of the Pharcyde, David Mnemonic on production along with Colter Cashier, RST, and New York native, now LA resident Tone Spliff (which he also did all the cuts for the project as well). This project is out now on iTunes.

        Track listing
      A Moment of Silence   
LA's Finest Ft. Planet Asia
I Know
   Let's get it poppin'  ft. fatlip
                                                  I Said Girl

     She Wants It

    ​For The Record

Thats Whats Up ft. Phil the agony


  • La's Finest ft. Trek life
  • Prepared for war
  • Fresh Air ft. planet asia
  • LAF
  • Bleed
  • We do the drugs
  • Best from the west
  • Check The Headlines
  • L.A. Representer
  • Closer
  • Girl Problems
  • Alright-Alright
  • I Go Crazy ft. L.M.N.O.
  • Push it away
  • Hands Up
  • Everything is Everything ft.  Myka 9
  • Lost Angels ft. Luckyiam.PSC
  • Pressure ft. 2Mex
  • Collectively



This beat album David Mnemonic put out could simply be this producer at his best. We are very proud of this release for Top Nation Records. This particular project has exceeded and continues to go beyond our expectations. If you're looking for Boom-Bap, Soulful beats, all sampled from one artist "Black Ivory" this is the beat tape for your listening pleasure. Find it now on iTunes.

          TRACK LISTING:
  • Got to be
  • Move the Crowd
  • Loves You
  • to be found
  • Ooh baby
  • Cuban Linx
  • Understanding
  • Up to You
  • Feels Like Christmas
  • It's Time to Say Goodbye
  • Mnemonic Radio
  • Fire 
  • Notice Me
  • Across the world ft. PerceeP
  • Cocaine
  • Are You High
  • LA's Finest Ft. PlanetAsia
  • Callin'
  • I'm Loving You
  • Lost Angels The Remix Ft. Luckyiam.PSC
  • Hip Hop Rebel
  • 100 Years Old
  • Ain't No Thang
  • I Go Crazy Ft. LMNO
  • Holdin' It Down
  • You Are The One
  • Trouble Sleeping 
  • Goodbye FT. PhilTheAgony
  • Freedom
  • Anything

David Mnemonic

LA's Finest


Straight from the streets of Downtown Los Angeles the crew LA's Finest put down a 12" EP that made a lot of noise in the streets of LA all the way to New York! Able to secure a deal with Fat Beats Distribution this EP was evident of a great record. Now the full length album that was never released is now available on Top Nation Records.

Mnemonic radio


Mnemonic Radio, this critically acclaimed album got so much exposure, sold out CD sales, and radio airplay for an underground record, we had to post this on the website. Pick up a copy of this album for your Hip Hop collection, you will not be disappointed. This is considered a David Mnemonic Classic!

The Mercenaries 


Mike Mictlan of the famous Doomtree, and David Mnemonic of LA's Finest teamed up together to form The Mercenaries. This album which was recorded in a 2 month time period, received so much critical acclaim that it was nearly an overnight success that also developed a hard-core cult following. With guest features from P.O.S.,Son Doobie of Fundoobiest, & production from Clutchy Hopkins, the album became a certified classic release for Top Nation Records. The single Revolution (Re-Evolve) was also featured on a Rhymesayers Entertainment compilation album. 

  • The Mercenaries
  • Love 2 Hate
  • Notice Me
  • The Bigger They
  • Hey Mike
  • Soul Survivor
  • 45 Degree Angle
  • Living Slightly Larger Ft. P.O.S.
  • Get Up!!!
  • Seventy Seven
  • Action
  • Make It Better
  • MegaBlast
  • Pharonology
  • Revolution FT. Son Doobie of Funkdoobiest
  • Euthanasia
  • 1st Chapter
  • Mercenaries outro

David Mnemonic & Jvision Present:

Black & White


Jvision a member of the famous Clutchy Hopkins band is the man behind production on this record. This project was only released on a 12" vinyl, so all you vinyl collectors should support this EP with the instrumentals on the B side!

  • Intro by Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples
  • The Harder I Rock Ft. Percee p
  • Notice Me
  • Holdin' it Down
  • That's what's up Ft. Phil The agony
  • Side B: Instrumentals

David Mnemonic

Holdin' It Down Official Music Video
For The Record Official Music Video



This is a Sci-Fi album in its purist form that touches on the future and alien technology. Deep album and still ahead of its time!